1. Our Mission Statement at Shy Wilder: Mission Statements are dated.
  2. We make our own rules.  There are no rules.
  3. As strong independent leaders that both climbed the corporate ladder quickly, we became disenchanted with the corporate world.  We promised ourselves never to work for the Corporate A-Hole ever again.  So we strived to become our own CEO, and Shy Wilder was born.
  4. We encourage shopping small businesses.  We support local artists and boutiques, with the hope that money hungry corporate giants will slowly fade away.
  5. Shy Wilder offers both private label and local LA based labels with the intent to offer our girl the best price.  We are not about the MARK UP.  We are about perceived value, giving our girl fashion that is not going to break the bank.
  6. Because we feel that you should NEVER have to wait for a 90% OFF sale to shop.
  7. …or 50%, 60%, 75% OFF sale. You get the point.
  8. There is no 8.
  9. Shop now. Without the nasty markup.

Shy Wilder.  Because sometimes a girl feels SHY.  Sometimes a bit WILDER.